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CBR Rain Policy

Rain in the forecast and wet road conditions can present dangerous driving and riding conditions. This is a good time to review the CBR rain cancellation process so that everyone’s expectations can be level set.

If it is raining or anticipated to rain throughout the valley, the ride will be cancelled and members that are registered for that ride will receive an email advising them of the cancellation 90 minutes prior to the ride.  If rain is sporadic in areas, the ride leader will go to the starting point and make a determination from that location. The weather in the valley can be very different and it can move through quickly. It may be raining at your house or workplace, yet clear at the starting point and vice versa.

CBR often will ride in light rain and spitting rain conditions. This helps you train for when your event or touring vacation includes a little rain.

Here are conditions at the start point would cause the Ride Leader to cancel the ride:

• If there is lightning in the vicinity of our ride,.

• If there are violent wind conditions and gusts,

• If it is pouring rain steadily,

• If the road surface has standing water or is covered with wet leaves.

The rides normally leave around 5 minutes after the posted meeting time. If the weather is foul, but looks like it might get better, we might hold the start for several minutes. The Ride Leader will monitor the weather conditions until 15 minutes after the meeting time. At that point, they will make a final determination of whether the scheduled Community Bicycle Ride will proceed.

What are your options at this point:

• If the Ride Leader does ride, you are not obligated to ride if you don't feel it is safe or comfortable for you to do so.

• If the Ride Leader doesn’t ride, it doesn’t mean you can’t ride.   Riders can proceed at their own discretion.

Clothing recommendation: If the weather looks dubious, but it is acceptable at the starting point, CBR may still ride. It is best to bring a wind/rain jacket and toe covers with you on the ride to keep you dryer and warmer if we get caught in the rain. We will try to seek cover if it is available, but cover isn’t always available. Rain jackets don’t help you if they are locked in your car back at the starting point.

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