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Community Bicycle Rides is changing effective June 1, 2023.

Huge thanks to those who responded to the CBR survey.  And to Jeff Larsen who has been the heart and soul of CBR for so many years. Before he moved to sunny California, he pulled together a transitional leadership group. That group used feedback from members and survey results to create a plan for the club’s future.

Over the years, all of the club organization and leadership has been shouldered by a very small number of people. Often, just Jeff. That model is not sustainable. The new model splits the former CBR group into two entities. One structured, with scheduled rides, dues and required participation. The other unstructured and ad hoc.

On June 1, 2023, Community Bicycle Rides will sunset and members offered new groups.

  • Treasure Valley Bicycle Rides Facebook Group
  • Cooperative Biking & Recreation -  Biking, Hiking and Adventure membership structured group

Each group will have their own goals and structure. They will be completely separate.  Current CBR members may choose to become a member of one, both or neither.  You don't have to make up your mind right away.  Until June 1,  anyone can register for rides listed on this website.  After that date, the ride calendar and much of the website will be restricted to dues-paying members of the new CBR.

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Treasure Valley Bicycle Rides (TVBR) Facebook Group

Treasure Valley Bicycle Rides is for those who don't want the structure or commitment of a club. The goal of this Facebook group is to be a clearinghouse of community rides and tips to support cycling in the Treasure Valley. Any biking club in the Treasure Valley can post to this page. Any member can add a ride event. Think of this like a meet up group on Facebook.

This is where you would post questions, rides, ideas, etc., anything to do with cycling in the Treasure Valley. The group admins will moderate and encourage healthy biking conversations.  This will be a fun, casual group with no commitments.

If you are a member of the Facebook group Community Bicycle Rides, you will automatically be transitioned over to the new group when the name changes. You may discontinue your membership at any time. Directions here.

Treasure Valley Bicycle Rides will not have dues, participation requirements or scheduled rides. Participation is on an ad hoc basis.  

Cooperative Biking & Recreation (CBR)

Cooperative Biking & Recreation is a new kind of  membership group. Cooperative in nature, and more than biking. It builds on comradery and shared experiences like the old CBR under Jeff.  It's designed for members who want to be actively engaged in fun activities with friends. 

Because club members are more engaged, and have more fun, when they participate,  this club requires both participation and dues. Initial activities will be focused on biking, with plans to expand to hiking and other outdoor adventures. Most current CBR members are over age 45. The goal of this new CBR is to promote activities that help the members stay healthy, fit, and socially active as they age.

The group will be managed through email and the club’s website. With this structure members commit to volunteering in one of many roles needed to help keep the club running.  See 4 roles described below.  These 4 are general buckets. And not designed to be an exhaustive list. We welcome hearing your ideas of how you want to be involved!

More information on how to join the new CBR will be shared by June 1, 2023, via the Google Groups email, on this website and on Facebook. 

Between now and June 1, the transitional leadership will be applying for 501(c) (7) in our new name so we can open a bank account,  enhancing the website and nailing down any additional details.  In order to apply for the 501(c)(7), officers and bylaws must be adopted.  The bylaws can be viewed here.  Formal voting on new officers will be held before the 2024 ride season. Until then, transitional officers for 2023 will be:

  • Steve Bruck - President
  • Vicque Ebentheuer - Vice President
  • Bret Tinker - Treasurer
  • Elaine Mellon - Secretary

Dues of $25 per year will be required. Dues will be used to fund the enhanced website, domain name, state reporting requirements, etc.  Enhancing the website is required to allow members to be automatically billed, pay dues, send club communications and maintain required waivers online. 

Have a comment or question? Scroll to the bottom and add it to the discussion forum.

CBR Activity Leader

This is a planning and leading role. For example, a bike leader would establish the route, set the time, date and meeting place location. They would share it with the social/communications coordinators to add it to the website and notify members.

Another activity leader might set up the twice annual Pactimo store where members can order club apparel.

CBR Activity Co-Leader

This is a logistics and support role. As an activity co-leader you’ll make sure signed waivers are collected, check that attendees have registered for the event, coordinate any after spot and help the activity leader while on the activity.

If you are the co-leader for the Pactimo store, you may assist the activity leader in getting apparel to members.

CBR Educator

Educators prepare activity leaders who may have never led before and help members learn new skills.

Many different educators are needed to schedule and hold sessions on things like ride leadership, flat repair, bike maintenance, riding safety, preparing for a hike, tips for backpacking, how to pack a bike for bikepacking, and more.

CBR Communications

This role keeps our website calendar updated and communicates with the membership about upcoming activities and educational events.  

It uses the website to push out informational emails to the membership.

It also promotes membership. For example, adding posts and photos to the Treasure Valley Bicycle Rides Facebook page encouraging those members to join CBR.

To our fearless leader, Jeff LarsEn

The transitional leadership team would like to extend a huge thank you to Jeff Larsen, who created Community Bicycle Rides in 2005. His ideal was sharing the joy of bicycle riding with the community.  Over the years, Jeff put tremendous effort into making the club a true treasure to all participants, no matter the level of biking ability.  Jeff's passion brought hundreds of strangers together to become a true community of close friends.  We owe such gratitude to the legacy that Jeff has left behind and are excited that, with everyone's participation and passion, the new CBR will continue carrying the torch that Jeff envisioned. 

CBR Changes Discussion Forum

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